7 Pet Trends That Need to Stop…NOW!

7 Pet Trends That Need to Stop…NOW!

It all began a long time ago in the far off land of Beverly Hills, when a certain heiress officially made tiny dogs into accessories.


Image Source: dogsgossip.com

Now you can’t go a single day without seeing a tiny pup pop out of a lady’s oversized handbag.  It seems like the list of crazy pet trends just keeps growing.  Here are some ridiculous and unnecessary pet trends that we think are totally OVER, or at least should be.

1. Dyed Doggies

PetTrends 2

Image Source: allpetnews.com

Dogs are colorblind! Why go through all the trouble of giving them a dye job if they can’t even appreciate it? Keep those chemicals away from your pet and ruin your own hair. 

2. Social Petwork

PetTrends 3

Image Source: aspca.org

Your pet is adorable, obviously. But do you really need status updates from someone who licks their own butt?  

If your pet MUST have a Social Media presence, read our “How To” before you fill out that profile. 

3. Pet Weddings

PetTrends 4

Image Source: animalslook.com

Pet Weddings are just an excuse for humans to take cute pictures and eat cake. You can manage to do that without embarrassing your animals.  

4. Gifting a Pet

PetTrends 5

Image Source: catsherdyou.com

Guess when the amount of pets put into shelters spikes? Just after Christmas, when people decide the Christmas gift they received is too much trouble. You can’t treat your pet like that ugly sweater your Aunt sent you. 

5. Keeping Children on Leashes

PetTrends 6

Image Source: gandt.blogs.brynmawr.edu

You may love your pet like a child, but a child is not a pet.  It’s always strange to see parents at Disney World treating their children like animals that need to be restrained. Have fun with that future therapy bill, parents!

6. Pet Strollers

PetTrends 7

Image Source: baxterboo.com

Why does your pet need to be pushed around like he’s a king? You do know that dogs love going for walks, right? 

7. Pet Salons

PetTrends 8

Image Source: thepawspapetsalon.com

Keeping your pets well groomed is absolutely important. But they don’t need massages or their own personal manicurist to cover their claws in nail art.  And mud baths?  They can take care of that themselves, thank you very much. 

Owning a pet is not a trend, it’s a life long love.  So how about starting a new trend, like making sure all animals are happy, healthy and safe?  That’s a trend that we could follow!


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