I “Like” It: 5 Tips for Putting Your Pet on Facebook

I “Like” It: 5 Tips for Putting Your Pet on Facebook

Is your pet lacking an online presence?  Ever wish your friends could directly tag your pooch in the photos they took at his birthday party?  Want your cat to cyber-bully your ex-boyfriend?

It’s time to create a Facebook account for your pet.  We’ve come up with a list of tips for signing your furry (or scaly) BFF up for the biggest time-waster of them all.


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1. Is your animal a private pet or a public figure? 

This is a very important social networking decision.  Do you want your animal to have a private page, where only approved friends can tag pictures or get updates?  Or do you want your pet to develop a fan base, where anyone and their mother can get updates on his latest flea bath or new neckerchief?

Facebook 2

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2. Pawsome Profile Pic

1 in 10 Facebook profiles belongs to an animal, so you have to make your pet’s profile pic stand out.  But how do you choose the perfect shot when you already have a million adorable photos filling up your phone?  We think silly graphics add pizazz and draw attention to your animal. 

Facebook 3              

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3. The DEETS

Have fun filling out your pet’s bio.  Elaborate on your bird’s favorite hobbies (singing, talking, chirping) or wax poetic about your hamster’s fitness routine.

Facebook 4 

4. Find your pet’s voice

Don’t pretend like you don’t know exactly what your pet would say if it could talk.  Does your cat speak only in abbreviations?  Is your llama a sucker for puns? Does your cocker spaniel refer to you as “mommy” or “that human?”  Use words to share your animal’s personality with the world.

Facebook 5

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5. Interactin’

Have your pet “like” all of its favorite celebrity pets, food brands and toys.  Who knows—your animal might be able to score some free swag.  Have them comment on pictures of that poodle from down the street.  Update their “status” at least once a day.  Pretty soon, you’ll be wondering how your pet ever survived only in the “real world.” 

Facebook 6

Image Source: Facebook 

Follow these tips and your cuddly pal with soon be crushing Facebook…and then, the Internet. Just be sure to pamper the real critter as much as you do their profile.

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