WATCH: Animals Getting Scared

WATCH: Animals Getting Scared

We don't know what it is about watching cute animals getting the bejesus scared out of them, but one thing's's absolutely hilarious. Whether it's a mouse running from a cat or an elephant from a mouse, it makes us giddy to watch. Here are 11 of our fav moments.

1. Bunny vs. Balloon

Even we feel a bit betrayed by that sack of air.

2. Red Panda vs. Zookeeper

What the hell could those big black rubber boots mean to the poor lil' panda? And more importantly, why is the slo-mo take about 1,000x more hilarious?

3. Doberman vs. Tiny Doberman

The caption – "Doberman puppy scared by stuffed toy" – minimizes the mesmerizing video. Here's a more robust and accurate description: "When a sadistic doggy daddy makes a miniature stuffed animal bark like a rabid dog, steal its real-life counterpart's tennis ball, and sits there with a horrifying, unblinking, menacing look on its face, we're not sure if we should laugh or cry." You be the judge.

4. Horse vs. Fart

Not silent, but possibly deadly. Ok, well, dead funny that is.

5. Raccoon vs. A Dog's Bark

Raccoons look so bad ass, but it's good to know they're just as scared as we are when we hear an angry dog outside our door.

6. Lizard vs. iPhone

What is he screaming about? The advance of modern technology OR his iPhone bill after discovering how damn addictive Candy Crush Saga is, and how damn expensive data is. We're guessing the latter...

7. Cat vs. Super Mario

Just call her Kitty Kong – she has our vote for best new character in Super Mario world!

8. Dog vs. Julia Roberts

The downside of being star struck.

9. Elephant vs. Squirrel

Okay so it's not exactly a mouse, but close enough!

10. Dog vs. Ferret

Clearly this Greyhound has FOF (Fear of Ferret), and we can understand why...

11. Pigs vs. Bacon

This one might count as some kind of psychological torture...

No matter how scared our pets get, we're always here for comfort because we know that they'd always do the same for us.


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