11 Dieting Pets Enjoying Their Cheat Day

11 Dieting Pets Enjoying Their Cheat Day

In this Instagram age, pets are under more and more pressure to stay fit and trim.  How’s that picture of your cat in a pirate costume supposed to go viral if he can’t even fit into his costume? 

Luckily, even the strictest of dieters are allowed to have a cheat day every once in a while.  

Here are 11 animals who are taking their cheat days very seriously: 

1. Sprinkles Have No Calories, Right? 


Image Source: bleachnoir.tumblr.com

When you’re eating frozen yogurt, everyone knows you can load up on toppings without guilt.

2. Carb Killer

DietingPets 2

Image Source: dogshaming.com

Like you’ve never found yourself inexplicably covered in cake after a night of binge watching Lifetime movies. 

3. Lotsa Pasta

DietingPets 3

Image Source: ravelry.com

There are vegetables in that pasta.  As far as he’s concerned, that makes it a health food. 

4. Dog Days of Summer Deserts

DietingPets 4

Image Source: ablogfordogs.tumblr.com

Slow down, buddy, you don’t want to get brain freeze!

5. The Cat that Got the (Ice) Cream

DietingPets 5

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

This kitty, however, is clearly an ice cream pro and knows to savor every last lick. 

6.  Oodles of Noodles

DietingPets 6

Image Source: dont-forget-graphics.xanga.com

It’s been so long since this dog has had carbs… he doesn’t even know how to eat them anymore.  

7. Catburger

DietingPets 7

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

This cat always thought that nothing was better than Fancy Feast… until she had her first burger. 

8. A Liquid Diet

DietingPets 8

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

Rover’s been trying to drink low calorie, gluten free beer, but it just isn’t the same. 

9.  Rabbit Food

DietingPets 9

Image Source: deitchley.com

Carrot cookies are mostly vegetables, so you can have as many as you like, right? 

10. A Possum Breaks Into a Bakery…

DietingPets 10

Image Source: Google

And is enjoying the most adorable sugar coma ever. 

11. Did Someone Say Bacon?!

DietingPets 11

Image Source: imgur.com

This dog isn’t putting up with any of that imitation bacon stuff.  He’s only interested in the real deal. 

So let your pets indulge occasionally.  It’s the least you can do, considering they have to watch you eat delicious human food all day long. 


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