Are Your Pets Prepared for Snowmageddon?

Are Your Pets Prepared for Snowmageddon?

With winter storm Juno hovering over the Northeast, people are getting prepared for a snow day. While some are dreading hours of shoveling, others are looking forward to a day of Netflix marathons and blankets. But have you thought about how your pets are going to react to this blizzard blitz?

Your pets don’t care that you were able to make a vodka run before the stores closed last night. They’re only concerned about figuring out a way to pee outside without touching that scary snow. Or they love the snow and don’t understand why they can’t go romping around in it. Your pets are confused and bored—that’s a difficult combination. 

Here are some tips for keeping your pets happy during Snowmageddon, 2015:

1. Treats!

The snowpocalypse is the perfect excuse to give your pets an extra treat. Let your dog go to town on a spoonful of peanut butter. Watch your cat lose herself in some catnip. Love baking during a snowstorm? Try your hand at baking some doggie cupcakes!


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2. Download some apps

Did you know that cats can play games on the iPad? Just like a toddler, cats get a kick out of tapping on the screen and making noise.  Friskies makes a popular game that features brightly colored bugs that crawl around. If the cat is able to smack one, he gets a point! 

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3. Hide and Seek

Dogs and cats both love this childhood game. Hide your dog’s favorite toy and watch him race to find it. When playing with a cat, hide yourself. They’ll stalk you like you’re prey. If you’re lucky.

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4. Tug of War

Never underestimate the power of this age-old game. 

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5. Fashion Show

There’s no better time to dress your pets up in their cutest costumes and take pictures. It’s not like they can get away from you! 

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We hope this list gets you inspired with ways to keep your animals amused during this winter white out.   Now that you’re warm and cozy, you and your furry friends can weather the weather together! 


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