Piglets Are a Girl’s Best Friend. Just Ask 2-Year-Old Libby

Piglets Are a Girl’s Best Friend. Just Ask 2-Year-Old Libby

Meet Libby, a 2-year-old girl from Pennsylvania and her pet piglet, Pearl.

Piglet pearl

Image Source: instagram.com

The pair has been inseparable ever since Libby received Pearl as a birthday present two months ago.

Piglet pearl 2

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Libby’s mother reports that the pair loves to nuzzle noses.

Piglet pearl 3

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The family plans to raise Pearl indoors, just like a dog. 

Piglet pearl 4

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Pearl the Piglet is the perfect tea party guest.

Piglet pearl 5

Image Source: livesweetblog.com

And Pearl matches perfectly with Libby’s pink bedroom. 

Piglet pearl 6

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Libby’s family lives on a farm. They decided to keep Pearl as a pet once they saw how well Libby connected with animals. 

Piglet pearl 7

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Libby’s mom says that Pearl acts just like a puppy.

Piglet pearl 8

Image Source: livesweetblog.com

3-month-old Pearl is a Teacup pig and will grow to be around 20-30 pounds.

Piglet pearl 9

Image Source: instagram.com

Pearl and Libby like to spend the whole day together.

Piglet pearl 10

Image Source: instagram.com

We predict these cuties will be best friends forever! 

Piglet pearl 11

Image Source: livesweetblog.com

We are obsessed with this darling duo and can’t wait to see what adorable adventures they’ll have! 


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