11 Superhero Pets About to Soar into Your Heart

11 Superhero Pets About to Soar into Your Heart

America is obsessed with superhero movies.  It seems like every other week, a new caped crusader is hitting the box office. But pretty soon, Hollywood is going to run out of superheroes to film. That’s why we’d like to introduce a whole new crew: The Super Pets! 

Here are 11 heroic pets that chase cars by daytime and hang out for belly rubs by night.

1.  The Caped Corgi


Image Source: Buzzfeed 

Able to scarf down kibble in a single chomp! So noble and so proud! He’s the slobberiest super hero around! 

2. Nana nana nana nana CAT MAN!

SuperHero 2

Image Source: Tumblr 

Protecting the kittens of Gotham City…as long as no one brings out a laser pointer. 

3.  Spider (Guinea) Pig

SuperHero 3

Image Source: Etsy 

Superpowers include: begging for food, sleeping, and eating his own poop! 

4. Dynamic Doberman Duo

SuperHero 4

Image Source: icanhas.cheezburger.com

They can’t wait to go for a ride and stick their heads out the window of the Batmobile. 

5. By Thor’s Hairball

SuperHero 5

Image Source: incrediblethings.com

He is descended from the Norse God of Cat Nip.

6. Renegade Rabbit

SuperHero 6

Image Source: teamconfetti.nl 

Able to hop over buildings in a single bound! 

7. Captain Canine

SuperHero 7

Image Source: Buzzfeed 

Who needs a shield when you’ve got a Frisbee? Maybe the bad guys will just wanna play a game!

8. Super Lizard

SuperHero 8

Image Source: Buzzfeed 

This badass lizard doesn’t even bother with a disguise. He’s all super all the time. 

9. Righteous Rodent 

SuperHero 9

Image Source: makezine.com

Beware my power: nibbling on cheese! 

10. Sleepy Superhero

SuperHero 10

Image Source: Flickr 

Sleepy Superhero is pooped from fighting the squirrels in the back yard. 

11. The Gallivanting Goat

SuperHero 11

Image Source: Buzzfeed 

Able to spring into action when he sees a hole in the fence! 

Next time you’re in danger, just call one of these Super Pets. They’re so cute, even a super villain will be charmed. 


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