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Pet Freak

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by CreativityisFreedom

For people who really want a dog but their apartment is too small.

by PizzaPainting

Straight out of a David Lynch movie.

by Jtnee

A “Poodles Gone Wild” figurine for all your Poodles-Gone-Wild-Figurine needs.

by Ermellin

Creepy, awesome, and only $120 dollars.


by PimpDogTshirts

Our two favorite things on one shirt.

by dogwagart (Mike Holzer)

Chief NoTresspassing.

by HowardsHome

The perfect gift!

by BubbaDog


by GoodieTees

What did the pug ever do to you?

by ruenacker (Brian Rubenacker)

$5.25 very well spent.

by MyCountryHaven (Sheila Wilson)

Bird feeder comes complete with a butt hole for good air ventilation. How lifelike.

by TheGastropup (Windy Van Bemmel)

Finally Fido can come home from a long day at the dog park and grab a bone and a cold brewski.

by ModPopDeco (Katherine Rodriguez)

This is what Tom Cruise SHOULD have said.

by sprout1world (Rose Kren)

If a dog could talk, this would be right on point.


by RetroFriday (Taylor Cannon)

Cat got your leg?

by SoCalBySteph

Ditch the flower crown—opt for floral cat ears instead!

by FarRidgeCeramics

“One cat just leads to another”—one of Hemingway’s most relevant quotes.

by NotsoKittyShop (Wendy Casazza Scruton)

How to make every cat become Grumpy Cat.

by Tresgats (Helen Weatherhead)

Keep your spare change guarded by these Siamese kitties!

by zzbob (Bob and Pam Holt)

Stylin' and tilin'.


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