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Pet Freak

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by artPause (Michael Tompsett)

Including all the catinents!

by happybearprints (Steffen Pedersen)

It doesn't take glasses to look purrfect!

by StupidAnimalShop

Halloween + Cats = why not year round?

by StupidAnimalShop

Halloween + Cats = why not year round?


by loraliedesigns

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. You can now put a cat named after a spice on everything you own!


by 0EndOfTheLine0

Can you believe a guarantee of instant nightmares is only $10 bucks?

by Meowadays

In the seller's own words: "Tired of your cat being a little turd? Then give your cat a little turd."

by ableandgame

Kitty Perry.

by StupidAnimalShop

The artist says, "Hannibal Lecter was initially a little disappointed as his restraints put a serious damper on his ability to pet all the cats. Luckily though, his straightjacket seems to be a perfect hammock for cuddlin' some kitties."

by UncannyCreatures

Furbie’s ugly sister takes the form of a haunted cat teddy bear.

by FaunaMeetsFlora

On our planet we mate with pennies.



by Yaels

Yet another way the Internet has come up for you to wear your cat-lady-ness on your body.

by GhostKitties

A custom Ghost Memorial Kitty for all your Ghost Memorial Kitty needs.

by TheOldHookandChain

Show your guests how classy you really are.

by Ray Young Chu (rayyoungchu)

We thought we’d never find it, but here it is.



by AbbysGabbies

1994. Vintage.  But cuter than ever.

by 8bitcigarette

A stunning example of the intersection of fashion, cats, and WTF?

by PenelopeMeatloaf

The woman who said she was a crazy cat lady and actually meant it.

by PortableArtPinsPortableArtPins

If this existential cat isn’t a viral meme already, it needs to become one ASAP.

by 100Ladies

Frodo fans, Vengeance is Yours!

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