Pet Freak

Pet Freak

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by ContoursAlbion (Alise)

Curl up and enjoy a spot of tea with your cat(s)!

by DubuDumo

Why not make your workday brighter by writing daily reminders on an adorable kitty?

by PorteSueloGoods (Adrian Lima & Andrew Lima)PorteSueloGoods (Adrian Lima & Andrew Lima)

You’re always finding Kitty up in places he shouldn't be—like on top of the fridge—so why not give him his own above-ground space?

by hautekature (Katrina Stautihar)

Dress in cats from head to toe, no matter the season!

by ClassicJanes (Jane)

So true, so true.


by 10northcreative (Helen)

“Oh yeah, I’m on my way—I’ll be there at about left whisker o’clock.”

by Natalprint (Natalie)

A cat in space? 9 lives, no problem!

by The360Shop (Leah Niebler)

For only $15, you can turn your house kitty into a lion. That is if s/he lets you put it on.

by sharpshirter


by happygoatsoap (Pricilla)

Complete with tongue and fish!

by theYarnKitchen (Stella)

Perfect for decorating—just don’t let your kitty eat the plants!

Are you a freak for ferrets? If so, it's just a hop-skip to suit up your weasly wunderkinds in fabulous ferret fashion!

In fact, we love the looks so much that we couldn't stick to just 10 of our faves – our Best Dressed List goes to 11!

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by BonedaddyBruce (Bruce Ruiz)

Grumpy cat now yells at the terrible drivers for you!

by TheDesigningRose

For those who know at an early age that cats will be their most valued companions.

by Painting Prints

We all see our cats this way, and we know they do too.

by Wintercroft (Steve Wintercroft)

75% of the people that buy this will probably be too lazy to actually make it. The other 25% will be you, and look really cool.

by universalerror

We know your bond with your cat is strong, but can it top one formed in utero?

by NeonEaters

Because cats in space are SO much better than cats on Earth.


by Weloveceramic (Fai Parinya)

Because nothing says, “I’m a mature adult with things to contemplate,” like a tobacco pipe with a ceramic cat on it.

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