9 Classic Animal Motivation Posters That Continue to Inspire

9 Classic Animal Motivation Posters That Continue to Inspire

Everyone needs a little pick me up now and again, and when a cuddly creature delivers that little push, it feels that much better. Here are our 9 favorite animal affirmations that'll make you feel all warm 'n fuzzy:

1. Hang in There!

Motivational 1

Image Source: Wendy Thomas Russell

Just ignore the fact that sharp claws make it MUCH easier to cling to whatever precarious situation you may be in, and imagine rubbing your anxious, terrified face in that super soft furry tummy. Feel better? You got this, pussycat.

2. You're Awesome

Motivational 2

Image Source: The Fifth Corner

And you're PAWSOME. Just sayin'.

3. Bluffing

Motivational 3

Image Source: Substandard Games

The fox says, "fake it till you make it."

4. You Gotta Have Friends

Motivational 4

Image Source: Masala Time

And feline friends are head and shoulders better than the rest.

5. Don't Be Afraid...

Motivational 5

Image Source: Castanet

Sure, you might have to stick your neck out, but it's worth it when you elevate your outlook.

6. This is the Matrix, After All

Motivational 6

Image Source: Funny Pic Clip

Really puts things in perspective – most cat-astrophes are of our own making.

7. Patience is a Virtue

Motivational 7

Image Source: Sharenator

This bear knows that the wait for a pic-a-nic basket is totally worth it.

8. Everybody, Do Your Share

Motivational 8

Image Source: Pinterest

Pick your pack right – it makes it much easier to stick together!

9. Walk it Off

Motivational 9

Source: Best Posts

So hold your head high, and remember – most of us are wingin' it anyways.

Sometimes all it takes is a woof, meow, or caw of encouragement to get you back on track. So the next time you're feeling low, just use animal logic.


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