Slobber in the City: the 11 Best Apartment Dogs

Slobber in the City: the 11 Best Apartment Dogs

City people LOVE their dogs, but some pups aren’t meant to live in a concrete jungle. They’d rather be chasing squirrels in a big back yard than be cooped up in a little apartment. Luckily for urban dog lovers, some breeds actually thrive in small apartments and cities. 

Here are 11 breeds that prefer the town to the country: 

1. The English Bulldog

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English Bulldogs are basically canine couch potatoes. They rather be napping than barking or scampering. They are low-maintenance, easy to care for and stupidly cute. When you’re deep in the throes of a Netflix marathon, bulldogs are the best snuggle buddies.

2. The Shih Tzu

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This small dog is fairly easy to care for and is comfortable living in small spaces. Just make sure to pay attention to her fur, it has the tendency to get matted. Good thing you live in the city, where Doggie Hair Salons are on every block!  

3. The Great Dane

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It might seem ridiculous that these giants are on the list, but Great Danes are actually very quiet and lazy (excluding Marmaduke, of course.) Great Danes are content to lie around the apartment all day, provided they get at least one walk. 

4. The Chihuahua

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If Chihuahuas don’t mind hanging out in Paris Hilton’s handbag, they definitely won’t mind apartment life. 

5. The Pug

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If you can handle all the snorting, the pug might be the perfect apartment dog for you. They’ll follow you everywhere you go, and happily hop into bed with you. Due to their breathing issues, they can’t handle too much exertion so just one daily walk is all they need. 

6. The Bichon Frise

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Bichons are one of the few toy dog breeds that don’t yap, making them the perfect choice if you live in a building with cantankerous neighbors. They’re also hypoallergenic, so they’re quiet and sneeze free!

7. The Chinese Crested

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These dogs form uniquely strong bonds with their owners.  They actually thrive in the hustle and bustle of city life as they love loud noises and socialization. Too bad they look like a Chihuahua-based nightmare. 

8. The Yorkshire Terrier

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Yorkies are THE pint-sized breed. They are super friendly and super smart, so even though they’re a bit yappy, they’re worth the commotion. 

9. The Dachshund

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Dachshunds are playful and great with kids.  They don’t need a ton of exercise and they look like a little walking hot dog. They’ll fit right in in New York City, where you can find hot dogs on every corner!

10. The Greyhound

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You’d think that because Greyhounds are known for racing, they’d crave tons of running space… but they’re actually a calm and relaxed breed. Greyhounds are perfectly content to leave their racing days behind them in order to curl up on your couch!

11. The Havanese

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Small and adorable, the Havanese is perfect for apartment life. They are playful and energetic, but your Havanese will blow enough energy running through every room, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much time outside.

Fall in love with one of these urban pups? Visit your local animal shelter and adopt a furry roommate. Now you need to figure out how to make a dog pay rent!


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