9 Epic Cat Beds You'll Want to Sleep in Yourself

9 Epic Cat Beds You'll Want to Sleep in Yourself

A cat bed is so much more than a warm and fuzzy place for your feline to rest its paws. It's also an opportunity for you to express your creativity!

Take a look at these (mostly) handmade cat beds that make nap time WAY more fun:

1. Hobbit Hole


After spending the night in Hobbiton, this cat is off to find her second breakfast.

2. Star Wars Landspeeder


Look at little Luke Skykitty on his way to fight Dog Vader! He's the cutest Jedi this side of Tatooine!

3. Change the Channel


That darn cat is on the TV again!

4. Police (Not-Litter) Box


We've found the perfect Tardis for your own Dr. Mew.

5. Chain Chomps


Mario and Luigi's newest feline sidekick finally tamed their toothy nemesis.

6. Croc of Kit


Mario Batali can't take off his Crocs without having to worry about cats moving in.

7. Hagrid's Hut


"Read me Harry Potter and the Deathly Hairballs before I go to sleep, Mom!"

8. Trailer Park Pets


Next stop, CATmandu!

9. Banana Bed


There's always money (and a cat) in the banana stand.

Whether you're honoring your favorite fandoms, or you're just being silly... you can turn your cat's bed into a place that truly reflects your own style!

Photo Attributions:

Bored Panda


Haus Panther


Lol Damn

Band of Cats


Slip Talk



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