Crazy Cat Guys, We Salute You (Also, Here's Our Number)

Crazy Cat Guys, We Salute You (Also, Here's Our Number)

When a single woman gets a cat, she immediately becomes labeled as a "Crazy Cat Lady." When a guy adopts a feline, however, he suddenly becomes adorably sensitive, compassionate, and super dateable. Whatever, Society.

Photographer David Williams has spent the last few years documenting the bond between a man and his cat, and we can't help but swoon over the subjects in his delightful portraits.

So here's to you, crazy cat men....

You're not afraid to walk your cat. You know it won't diminish you sex appeal:


Looks like someone hasn't read the Freak 4 My Pet cat-walking guide yet.

Ooh, we can't wait to run a lint roller over that bed with you:


(Although we can't help but think that most of that extra hair is coming from you, buddy.)

Aww, your cat is already dressed in a tuxedo:


Now he can definitely be the best man in our wedding.

Does the carpet match your cat?


Oh, no. Guess it doesn't. That saved us all a lot of trouble.

Here's to picking cat hair out of our food together:


(And picking human hair out of our cat's food together.)

When your cat brings us back dead things, that means we have her blessing.


With the exception of that baby bird situation. That was tragic.

Let's all stare out the window together.


We could do this all day.

We love you, proud Cat Men.


May you always delight us, the way a cat is delighted by a laser pointer.

All photos from: David Williams Photography


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