9 Awesome Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

9 Awesome Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

All over the country, shelters of all kinds are full of senior pets. While most people aim to adopt younger animals, there are many great reasons for you to turn your eyes towards greying muzzles.

1. Most Older Pets are Already Trained


Face it, baby animals – especially puppies but also kittens and other young'uns – are a ton of work. An already-housebroken pet is the best way to cut to the chase and enjoy your new best friend with no muss, no fuss, and no loss of sleep.

2. They're Great Teachers


Listen up, Grasshopper – invite a master into your home, and you shall certainly reap the rewards of wisdom that comes with age and experience.

3. They Actually Can Still Learn New Tricks


Many senior dogs have just as much energy and vitality as the dogs young enough to be their grandpups! And that goes for other species, too.

4. They Have Fully-formed Personalities


When you're raising a pet from infancy, you're always hoping they'll turn out all right and not be a horrible devil-pet. (Read How to Tell if Your Cat is an Evil Mastermind!

Senior pets have already settled in to who they really are, and you'll know right away.

5. They're Perfect for People Who Desire a Shorter-Term Commitment


This truth may sound cruel to you, but let's be honest: Not every human is capable of dedicating 15+ years to a pet. Adopting a senior dog is more about living in the moment, and enjoying however many short years of love and companionship possible, for both owner and dog.

6. They're Usually More Chill


Puppies and kittens are great, but they're also very go-go-go! Senior pets, while full of life and energy, are more likely to want to watch House Hunters on the couch with you.

7. You'll Be a Hero to Them


Any senior pet you adopt will love you for picking them. They'll return that love a thousand times over. And while they may think they're the lucky ones, it's really the adopters that are the lucky ones.

Go to your local shelter and check out the mature pets today!

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