These 9 Cute Rats Want You to Know Who Really Caused the Black Plague

These 9 Cute Rats Want You to Know Who Really Caused the Black Plague

For hundreds of years, we have been blaming rats for the Bubonic Plague, the disease that nearly eradicated the human race during the Middle Ages.

And who could blame us? Rats can be devious and disgusting!

 rats 1

Image Source: Wikia

They're dirty creatures that purposely tried to wipe out humanity so that their rat overlord could take over the New York City subway system. Or at least that's how we vilify them.

But it turns out, a different rodent is responsible for the Black Death:

rats 2

Image Source: Etsy

Look into the top hatted face of death: the gerbil!

Recent studies suggest that gerbils may have been responsible for the whole disease fiasco.

So in honor of their exoneration, here are 9 cute rats that may change your mind about their species:

1. This Rat That Just Needs a Cuddle Buddy:

rats 3

Image Source: Rebloggy

We'd cuddle you even if you didn't have that instructional sign, little buddy.

2. These Rats Dreaming Sweet Dreams

rats 4

Image Source: Dose

How do they even make stuffed animals that small? #dying

3. These Rats That Play Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Club:

rats 5

Image Source: Redbubble

Guess they're real Jazz Rats!

4. This Rat That Can't Decide Which Gift to Open First:

rats 6

Image Source: Dapper

Surprise: they're all cheese!

5. This Rat That's Turning the Tables on the Pied Piper:

rats 7

Image Source: UK Telegraph

We feel compelled to follow this rat wherever he goes!

6. This Rat That Wants You to Make Love to the Camera

rats 8

Image Source: Abduzeedo

He's got a super popular Instagram feed.

7. These Rats that Can Bend it Like Beckham:

rats 9

Image Source: Izismile

Looks like we have some new contenders for the Alternative Puppy Bowl!

8. This Rat That's Still Rallying for Scottish Independence

rats 10

Image Source: Artist Insane

You can take my cheese, but you'll never take my FREEDOM!

9. And of course, Marty...

rats 11

Image Source: Instagram

The most famous rat on the Internet!

So next time you're waiting in the subway and see one of these furry friends scurry across the platform, don't freak out! They won't hurt you. Gerbils, on the other hand...

rats 12

Image Source: Photobucket


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