Differently Abled: 11 Pets Rockin’ it on Wheels

Differently Abled: 11 Pets Rockin’ it on Wheels

For a playful animal, there's nothing worse than not being able to run, jump, and frolic. These pictures prove that with the right equipment, impaired pets can move around with the best of them!

Here are 9 pets that had their lives transformed by a set of wheels:

1. Buster the Pug

Wheels 1

Image Source: Turner Images

Pugs are prone to disabling spinal problems, so they're the breed most likely to use wheels. Buster is all smiles now that he has his Walkin' Wheels Cart.

2. Turbo-Roo the Chihuahua

Wheels 2

Image Source: Andrea Arden

Turbo Roo was born without his front legs. Thanks to his tiny wheels, he can scoot around just fine!

3. Briggita the Cat

Wheels 3

Image Source: Spiegel

After being shot with an air gun, this kitty needs her pink wheels to stand upright. We're so glad she still has a way to run around and catch those backyard mice!

4. Chris P. Bacon the Pig

 Wheels 4

Image Source: Death and Taxes Magazine

Chris was born with malformed hind legs. He had to lift his rear up and walk on his front legs all on his own, until his owner built him wheels from a Kinex set. Chris is now the star of his own children's book!

5. Dolly the Rabbit

Wheels 5

Image Source: WITI TV

Because of a birth defect, Dolly lost the use of her legs at the age of 7. Her owner made these pimped-up wheels so she could go back to frolicking!

6. Dottie the Dalmation

Wheels 6

Image Source: CBS News

Dottie was paralyzed by a herniated disc, but she doesn't let that stop her from running on the beach!

7. Holli the Alpaca

Wheels 7

Image Source: AMS Vans

Born premature, this St. Louis celebrity was mysteriously paralyzed after a dog spooked her herd. When Holli's owner could no longer afford to pay for therapy treatments, the whole city chipped in to help, including one good Samaritan who purchased Holli's $700 wheelchair.

8. Chicken

Wheels 8

Image Source: WSJ

This chicken is helping to test out a wheelchair for K-9 Carts West, a company based in Washington State, after they received an order for a chicken that was hit by a car in Hawaii.

9. Spin the Lamb

Wheels 9

Image Source: WSJ

Spin is a 5-month old lamb that was paralyzed at birth. She's been on wheels since she was 12 days old and she's loved every moment!

10. Benny the Guinea Pig

Wheels 10

Image Source: Daily Mail

Benny was a popular guest at a Boston-based summer "Pig-nic."

11. Topaz the Lab

Wheels 11

Image Source: CBS News

After she got her wheels, Topaz was back to her usual self, chasing sticks and even swimming!

If seeing these precious pets makes you want to help other animals regain their mobility, check out the charity Pets with Disabilities.


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