Eight Holiday Gifts for the Pet Lover on Your List

Eight Holiday Gifts for the Pet Lover on Your List

1. Recycled Newspaper Dog ($180)


Want another adorable canine companion without any extra stress? These recycled newspaper dogs are just the ticket. They’re amazingly cute, environmentally friendly, and we’re told they have very few accidents in the house.

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2. Dog Blueprint ($185)


Every other wall hanging in your home will pale in comparison to these gorgeous, breed-specific dog blueprints. They showcase the specific attributes of your chosen breed while adding panache to your interior design. Start building that mini-shrine to your dog (you know you have enough pictures to start one) and get this.

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3. Turntable Cat Scratch ($35)


Two things that couldn’t be more different—a cat scratch and a turntable—somehow blend seamlessly in this funky yet practical gift. You can take tons of pictures of your cat as an adorable little DJ while safeguarding the other scratch-able surfaces in your house. Win-win for everyone.

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4. Fish Hotel ($25)


You know your beta fish deserves just as much love as any other animal, so why not upgrade its digs? Let it meander around this beautifully minimalist fish hotel and finally take a vacay from those boring fish bowls.

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5. Canine Treadmill ($1000)


Sure your dog is perfectly capable of running outside, but that doesn’t mean much if you aren’t in the mood. For those lazy owners who usually feel like sinking into the couch and eating Ruffles, at least this way your dog can get the exercise it needs.

holiday gifts for the petobsessed5

6. Catwheel ($900)


Cats are well known for being able to entertain themselves. This gift excites their curiosity while simultaneously giving them a cardio workout! Hey—we didn’t say all these gifts were necessary.

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7. Swarovski Dog Collar ($665)


If you’re fanatical about canine fashion, why not add some Swarovski bling to your pooch’s wardrobe? The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s dog has nothing on your woofster.

holiday gifts for the petobsessed7

8. Precious Palaces Louis XVI Pet Bed ($4500)


The crème de la crème of pet possessions. This custom-made canopy bed will upgrade any lapdog to the lap of luxury. Sure it costs as much as a used car, but this is your dog we’re talking about!

holiday gifts for the petobsessed8

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