10 Dogs Who Owned 2014

10 Dogs Who Owned 2014

Every minute of every day, with all the naps and belly rubs , dogs are pretty much always having the best time ever. But THESE pups truly had a groundbreaking 2014.

1. Sky, the Wire Fox Terrier

Sky won "Best in Show" at the Westminster Dog Show this year, so that technically makes him the most important dog in the world. His full name is GCH After All Painting the Sky and don't you forget it!

top dogs of 2014 photo1

Image source: Hollywood.com

2. Tuna, the most popular dog on Instagram.

Tuna, a Chiweenie, was rescued at a farmer's market in 2010. Since then, Tuna has become the most popular dog on Instagram with 1.1 MILLION followers. With his hug overbite, recessed jawline, and wrinkly neck, Tuna is terrifying. And cute. Terrifyingly cute?

top dogs of 2014 photo2

Image source: Instagram

3. Theo and his toddler friend, Beau

Puppy Theo and Toddler Beau made the world swoon when Instagram pics of them napping together went viral. A year later, they're still inseparable!

top dogs of 2014 photo3

Image source: Instagram

4. Susie, the Hero Dog of the Year

Susie won the American Humane Association's Hero Dog of the Year Award. Sweet Susie has become a remarkable service dog after surviving third degree burns when her owner set her on fire. Susie now helps humans who are also recovering from traumatic events. Susie's new mom, Donna Lawrence, runs "Susie's Hope," an organization devoted to animal abuse awareness.

top dogs of 2014 photo4

Image source: Facebook

5. Arthur, the Athletic Dog

Arthur was a stray dog who came across a group of Swedish athletes who were competing in a six-day race through the Ecuadorian rainforest. After one athlete gave Arthur a meatball, the dog decided to stick with them. He followed them on a 24-mile jungle hike and a 41-mile kayaking trip down the river. He now lives with them in Sweden.

top dogs of 2014 photo5

Image source: NPR

6. Derby, the dog with 3D printed legs

Derby, born with deformed legs, was about to be euthanized when 3DSystems stepped in. They printed him blade-like prosthetic legs and now Derby can run with the best of them!

top dogs of 2014 photo6

Image source: 3D Print

7. Mr. Amazing, the teacup Pomeranian

Mr. Amazing is stupid cute. He was just purchased for $13,000, so he's probably having a pretty good year. The bad news? He has to live with Paris Hilton.

top dogs of 2014 photo7

Image source: Instagram

8. Buddy and Boo

This duo might only have half the followers that Tuna, the most popular dog on Instagram, has, but their popularity in the fashion world is unparalleled. They both have their own stuffed animals, and Boo models for Chanel, Celine and Christian Louboutin.

top dogs of 2014 photo8

Image source: Instagram

9. Menswear Dog

Menswear Dog is the self-proclaimed "Most Stylish Dog in the World." We're inclined to agree.

top dogs of 2014 photo9

Image source: Instagram

10. The Pope

Pope Francis recently declared that all dogs go to heaven. Tell us something we don't know, Pope. Still the controversial statement is kind of groundbreaking for Catholics, so he earns a spot on our Top Dogs list.

top dogs of 2014 photo10

Image source: Please Kill Me

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