EARNING THEIR KEEP: 11 Dogs Helping with the Chores

EARNING THEIR KEEP: 11 Dogs Helping with the Chores

These super-smart pets make housework fun!

1. Couponing Canine


"We're gonna need some kibble, some bits, maybe some Scooby Snax..."

2. Shepherding Laundry


"You have to remember to separate the greys and the greys."

3. Raking is Ruff


How long before he just jumps into the pile?

4. Bakin' for Bacon


But none for the cat

5. Dusty Dogs


They need to clear out the garage for band practice later.

6. How Iron-ic


We won't talk about the fact that he's the one that wrinkled the shirt in the first place.

7. Helpful Hound


"How did this hair get all over the floor?"

8. Delivery Dog


There's a sale at Petsmart this week.

9. Self Pooper Scooper


"Watch your step."

10. Mowing Mutt


The only problem is he runs away every time he turns on the mower.

11. Max the Mechanic


When you need your mechanic to be honest, reliable, and most importantly, adorable!

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