9 Animals That All Scream For Ice Cream

9 Animals That All Scream For Ice Cream

You're a freak for your pet... so why not treat your pet? You scream, I scream, here are pets that also scream for ice cream!

1. Cookie Dough Canine


Finster has many favorites, but Ben & Jerry's New York Super Kibble Krunch tops the list!

2. Meow-shake


Their milkshake brings all the cats to the yard... damn right, it's better than yours!

3. Tutti-Frutti Terrier


The unmistakable look of brain freeze.

4. Cherry Popsicle Chimp


"Of course I'll hold your popsicle! Don't worry, I won't eat any of it...Ow my tongue, ow my tongue!"

5. Mint Chocolate Chip Mutts


They say sharing is caring, but when it comes to ice cream, maybe not so much.

6. Strawberry Swirl Squirrel


"I could've sworn I ordered a Cashew Sorbet..."

7. Berry Pop Bunny


It's okay, little one. Popsicles may look a little scary, but they're basically just ice cream's younger, fruitier cousins.

8. Frozen Moment


Rex expected a frozen delicacy, but who knew that Squirrel Nut didn't include actual squirrels?

9. Pistachio Pooch


How many times do I have to tell you – NOBODY likes pistachio. (Although if you tried to pawn it off to the squirrel in #6, you might have some success.)

The summer months are hot and sweaty and we'll do anything to beat the heat. You can't deny the euphoric feeling when the frozen sweetness touches your tongue on a hot afternoon. Next time you make a stop at the ice cream truck, make sure to grab your parched pet a cool refreshing treat too! Or why not make some yourself?

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