If you were the kind of kid that got up at the crack of dawn on Saturdays to watch cartoons, you probably remember that anthropomorphic animals ruled the early morning airwaves.

These wisecracking creatures don't have to just be a childhood memory—tons of animated animals have real world counterparts!

Here are 11 cartoon critters and the animals that inspired them:

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We know a ton of celebrities who are freaks for their pets. But what about those A-listers who don’t fly their pet freak flag? We did some sniffing around and matched some of Hollywood’s biggest talents with what we think would be ideal canine companions.

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In the world of Harry Potter, every wizard has a Patronus—a magical creature that will protect them in their time of need. We couldn’t help but wonder, what kind of Patronus would our favorite celebrities have? 

Here are 9 celebrities matched with their animals Patronus:

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We’ve already put a spotlight on animals who’ve walked the red carpet… 

…but these following animal actors straight up deserve an award. They’ve all appeared in multiple roles, making them versatile A-list stars. 

Here are 9 of our favorite animal actors who are more than one trick ponies:

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By now, the Single Cat Lady trope has been played out, right? WRONG. Just when you thought it was safe to tell your co-workers that you were looking forward to spending the weekend home with your kitties, a new product comes out that invites a whole new wave of ridicule.

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