13 Dogs Who Look Exactly Like Celebrities

13 Dogs Who Look Exactly Like Celebrities

They say that people tend to resemble their pets. How many times have you seen a woman with a perm that looks just like her poodle? Or a droopy-faced guy walking his bulldog? Doggie Doubles are everywhere.


Image Source: mydisguises.com

After this picture of John Travolta and his pit bull twin went viral:

CelebLookAlike 2

Image Source: thepoke.co.uk

…we realized that celebrities aren’t exempt from this doggie doppelganger phenomenon either. We had to find even more celebrities with canine copies. 

Here are 13 dogs that look so much like celebrities, they deserve to get their paw prints on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  

1.  Cher and her Bark-up Dancer

CelebLookAlike 3

Image Source: dogsrulecatsdrool.com

If we COULD TURN BACK TI-IME, we still couldn’t find a better looking dog. 

2. Snoop Doggs

CelebLookAlike 4

Image Source: thepoke.co.uk

This dog looks like he might know what “Fo’ Shizzle” means. 

3. Pup Fiction

CelebLookAlike 5

Image Source: celebritiesinview.com

It’s time to call Quentin Tarantino about the dogs-only Pulp Fiction sequel we mother- f*ckn DESERVE!

4. Cuter Than a Kennedy

CelebLookAlike 6

Image Source: top5bin.com

We’d take Taylor’s twin over one of her boyfriends any day. 

5. Branded Lotharios

CelebLookAlike 7

Image Source: barkpost.com

Don’t let this devilish dog anywhere near Kitty Purry. 

6. There’s Nothing Like a Cutie in a Cap

CelebLookAlike 8

Image Source: collegehumor.com

Hey Gurl – we’re both irresistible and we’ll let you take us shopping for suits. 

7. Slightly Less Boring Than a Sexy Werewolf

CelebLookAlike 9

Image Source: baxterboo.com

KStew and this bored dog are both equally talented at looking apathetic. 

8. The Official Old Dog of the Republican Party

CelebLookAlike 10

Image Source: collegehumor.com

This legend is anticipating a major treat for his work on American Biter. 

9. Puppy Apprentice

CelebLookAlike 11

Image Source: thepoke.co.uk

This pup got fired after he failed to terrorize Rosie O’Donnell. 

10.  The Eyes Have It

CelebLookAlike 12

Image Source: studentbeans.com

This dog’s “Steve Buscemi” eyes make him an adorable odd-ball with the potential for a long career in character parts. 

11. Just Give Them All the Bacon You Have

CelebLookAlike 13

Image Source: unrealitymag.com

Now that Parks and Recreation is winding down, we need this dog in our lives. Hopefully he’s more open to belly rubs that the real Ron Swanson. 

12. Super Freak 4 My Pet

CelebLookAlike 14

Image Source: unrealitymag.com

This dog… he’s the kind you don’t take home to mother. 

13. Putin’ on Hairs

CelebLookAlike 15

Image Source: eonline.com

Aww.  You’re a sweet little Russian president, aren’t you? 

Now that you’ve seen these celebrity look-a-likes, you’ll be searching for Doggie Doppelgangers wherever you go!


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