I Never: The Drinking Game -- Pet Lover's Edition

I Never: The Drinking Game -- Pet Lover's Edition

"Never Have I Ever" is a favorite party game for people who are young enough to still be excited by drinking games. Although even without the influence of alcohol, it's still pretty fun.


Each participant has a drink. You hold your drink in one hand and lift the other hand up, keeping your fingers straight. Participants will, one at a time, state something that they have never done in the form of the sentence, "Never have I ever ..." In turn, the other people in the group respond by lowering a finger and taking a drink if they have done what the first player has said. The first person with no fingers left is the winner! Or ... the loser. Really, it's all about perception.


Image Source: Gawker

When you're playing this game with pet lovers, however, the "Never Have I Evers" can go to a pretty strange place.


Image Source: Amber Tick

Here are some things pet lovers have claimed they've never done:

1. Never have I ever... tried a dog biscuit, just to see what it tastes like.


Image Source: UK Daily Mail

2. Never have I ever... tried to fit into my pet's crate.


Image Source: When Starbucks Ruled the World

3. Never have I ever... had sexy times while my pet was still in the room.

4. Never have I ever... barked or meowed to see if I could communicate with my pet.

5. Never have I ever... recreated the opening of The Lion King with my pet.


Image Source: Funny as Duck

6. Never have I ever... gone to a party and only played with the host's pet.


Image Source: N. Kay Es El

7. Never have I ever... tried to balance my pet on my head.


Image Source: So Much Viral

8. Never have I ever... tried to attract a date by using my pet.


Image Source: Tumblr

9. Never have I ever...involved my pets in elaborate game of make-believe.


Image Source: Bit Rebels

10. Never have I ever... given my pet a manicure.


Image Source: Creator Republic

11. Never have I ever...tried to make my pet go viral.


Image Source: True Stories With Gill

So how many of these "Never Have I Evers" have you actually done? It's ok, pet freaks, you can tell us.


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