7 Dog Houses That Are Better Than Your Own Home

7 Dog Houses That Are Better Than Your Own Home

We're all about treating your dog like a part of the family. OK, we're all about treating your dog BETTER than you treat the rest of your family.


Here are 7 doghouses that say, "You're the king of the castle, and I'm a lowly dirty rascal," in absolutely stunning ways:

1. This Fur-Friendly Fish Tank


Bonus points if you stock the tank with sharks, providing an even better guard for your dog than he is for you.

2. This Mutt McMansion


Here's hoping Princess enjoys getting boned in the hot tub!

3. This Fairy-tail Tower


May your precious live in royal fashion until Kingdom Bone!

4. Beverly Hills Beagle


Where purse dogs go when they outgrow their Louis Vuittons.

5. This Caffeinated Canine Crib


"Yes, I'll have a grande bacon latte."

6. DWR (Dogs Within Reach)


These hipster hounds don't follow trends – they are the trend.

7. This Companion Cave


It has wall-to-wall carpet inside so Lucy can connect with her wild side in comfort!

With inventive, beautiful, and comfortable doggie domiciles like this, being in the doghouse doesn't suck anymore.

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