11 Reasons Why Red Pandas are Better Than Your Best Friend

11 Reasons Why Red Pandas are Better Than Your Best Friend

Pandas have always been the world's favorite bamboo chewers. YouTube videos of them playing, eating, and sneezing are always guaranteed to go viral.


What many people don't know, however, is that pandas have a smaller, redder, and cuter cousin: THE RED PANDA! These little guys are easily mistaken for ginger raccoons, but they're proud of their panda blood and they're ready for some lovin'.


We've got 11 reasons why a Red Panda should be your new best friend.

1. They make great gym buddies.

But don't feel bad about yourself if they can do more pull-ups than you.

2. They can make ANYTHING fun.

Even if "anything" is just walking around in the snow.

3. They won't make fun of you for screaming in scary movies.

What? I'm not scared. I'm just testing out my lung capacity.

4. They'll stand up for you against bullies.

Guard dog? Please. Let me introduce you to my guard panda.

5. They're always down to play.

And that's WITHOUT coffee.

6. They're always ready to eat.

And they won't try any of that "I don't eat carbs, cheese, or sugar" crap when you're craving midnight pizza.

7. They'll join you for a food-coma nap afterward.

Surrender to the tryptophan. You can't win.

8. They're great at cuddling.

Nothing makes you feel as good as a big warm fuzzy hug.

9. They know when to give you your space.

We all need alone time once in a while.

10. They're always super excited to see you.

It's so nice to feel wanted.

11. They'll miss you when you leave.

*Cue Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." *

So tell all your friends that you've got to skip brunch this week. You've got some serious bonding to do with your new red-haired bestie.

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