9 Pet Playgrounds You Can DIY Today

9 Pet Playgrounds You Can DIY Today

A sad, used tennis ball. A dilapidated hamster wheel. The clichéd squeaky mouse toy. While these amusements might be fit for some animals, you precious deserves better. And what says love more than a custom-made play station?

1. Backyard Water Bark


Is there any greater relief for the dog days of summer?

2. Rodent Recess


Hamster wheels are so yesterday.

3. Sweet Contraption


For these nocturnal pets, this is the perfect hangout for an active evening!

4. PVC Playground


For the parakeet that's into upcycling.

5. TIRED of the Same Old Play Area?


These goats find great relaxation in radials.

6. Ferret Funhouse


For the pampered pet – luxurious indoor glamping!

7. Rat Race


The ultimate obstacle course challenge.

8. Backyard Ballpit


Your pets will love it as much as you did when you were a kid.

9. Rail-rodent Tracks


Isn't it time you repurposed those old "Polly Pocket" houses anyway?

Be the Martha Stewart of the pet set and show up your neighbors with these crafty and clever DIY playful pet paradises.

Image Attributions:

Sugar the Golden Retriever 
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