7 Reasons Why Teacup Pigs are Not Our Cup of Tea

7 Reasons Why Teacup Pigs are Not Our Cup of Tea

Teacup pigs are just SO adorable, right? Even their snorts are LOL-worthy – much more of a little sweet squeal than anything else. Screw a Yorkie – a petite piglet is the ultimate precious purse accessory. With a pet like this, you'll never crave cute again... because your teacup pig will be your best friend forever... and ever.


HAH. Try again.

Just because you qualify your pint-sized porker as "teacup" now doesn't mean it's going to stay small for long. As they say with all children – ages and phases! These tiny swine are really just baby potbellied pigs. Yep. That adorable little creature that you think is going to be your perma-pocket-pal is going to grow up to look like this:


Isn't that just darling? That half-pound of cuteness may end up a honker the size of a Great Dane. Have fun trying to fit that in your pocket!

Just to drive our point home, here are a few examples of super adorable teacup pigs and their adult selves.

1. This Spotted Snorter


Are those still spots? Or did Bertha get a little messy "pigging out" on her lunch?

2. These Pigmented Piggies


Color us depressed – the grown-up versions of these painted piglets are not nearly as pretty!

3. This Dressed-up Delight


Oh, snap – we're gonna need a bigger bow!

4. This Snout With Sunglasses


"Do these shades make my face look fat?"

5. This Handful of Honker


Sure all grown-up he's tall and dark, handsome? Not so much – unless you go the distance and picture him all the way to a big ol' slab of bacon.

6. This Porker and his Pug


The pug bailed when he realized he might be dinner for his old bedmate!

7. This Preening Piglet


He used to be small enough to bathe in a quick sprinkle, but now he's just a big ol' water hog.

These are all just superficial reasons to skip having a teacup pig for a pet. The bigger reason is that once these babies are grown, taking care of them is a much bigger deal. Many teacup pig owners end up feeling swine-dled when their teacup runneth over and up to 100 lbs. or more! So be humane, and pass on adopting a potbellied piglet.

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