11 Ferrets Who Are More Fashionable Than Most Humans

11 Ferrets Who Are More Fashionable Than Most Humans

Are you a freak for ferrets? If so, it's just a hop-skip to suit up your weasly wunderkinds in fabulous ferret fashion!

In fact, we love the looks so much that we couldn't stick to just 10 of our faves – our Best Dressed List goes to 11!

1. Dapper Duo


Something tells me you'd best give these two a treat... they may be cute, but ferrets don't play when you deny them a carnivorous delight!

2. Pretty in Pink


This Pink Lady is ready to find her Mustelid Mate.

3. How to Train Your Ferret


Is there anything hotter than a fire-breathing ferret?

4. Your Lovin' Teddy Ferr'


We can't help falling in love with these little guys.

5. Ferret Kreuger


Haunting your dreams and your food pantry.

6. Steampunk Swagger


Only in Portland.

7. Winning Weasel


Your snacks are in another castle.

8. Critters in Camo


Attacking your heart AND your couch.

9. Superferret


Here to save you from loneliness.

10. Huzzah for Ferrets!


Ren Faire ferrets, including a weasely wench and a merry mustelid.

11. Cute Enough to Eat


But please don't.

So whether you're taking your furry friend to a cosplay expo or just a ferret festival, you've definitely got some stiff competition for best dressed!

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